Key ideas of recruitment

Staff recruitment is the process which implies enough debatable matters: absence of staff selection methods, of industry analysis and its corporate culture, personal engagement with staff members; low level of information about the candidate`s work experience in the past, his professional skills.
Furthermore, narrow specialization of the candidate, whom the Customer is looking for, limited market of such specialists make recruiters to search for candidates with skills and experience in the business sphere which has nothing in common with the required one. Nowadays Russia employers are in urgent need of such specialists as shop assistants, top and middle managers, technical specialists.
Furthermore, many managers prefer to work with the team, which they have been matching for years. In such companies routine business is impossible, because office is the second home, team - the second family. Here it is important to mention that employers are looking for candidates with rich experience (they are not interested in young specialists), but the fact is that nowadays there is lack of highly qualified specialists in the labor market.
Speaking about middle managers, the demand is far exceed the supply. It can be explained by the fact that specialists with little experience are striving to get management positions, which are quite few in the labor market. The reason for the oversupply of such candidates is the dynamically growth of the manager`s salary. Among such specialists are depot officer, Head of technical department, Head of production sector, Head of legal, PR, advertising departments.
One more point, which employers consider to be the main one, is reliability of the candidate.

Experts underline several criterions of reliability:

1. Psychological reliability is determined by the candidate`s traits of character, which can lead to the specialist`s activity, diligence and attentiveness at work.

2. Level of education, professional aptitude and the highest possible standards of professional achievements at the previous places of work are responsible for Professional reliability.
3. Moral reliability is characterized by the candidate`s attitude to the work, by the devotion to the company, sense of responsibility, awareness of the importance of each step, desire to increase the success of the company.

Comparing the types of reliability, it is clear that psychological and professional reliability can be examined at the interview, the last one can be investigated after the years of work of the specialist in the company.