Executive Search

Nowadays, the companies` necessity in qualified specialists is growing at a fast paste, especially management positions are in demand, which determine to a large extent the eventual success of the company and its development. This need arises after the establishment of new branches and opening representative offices of the Company, after the expanding services market.
Executive search - technology of top management search, where the main goal is to find candidates in the companies, which are business rival of your Client. Moreover Executive search is the analysis of business rivals` market, on the basis of which it is identified the advantages and disadvantages of the Client`s work.
The technology Executive Search was originated in the USA in the 20th (the 20th century) in the period of the major corporations development. Employment services were the predecessors of executive search technology.
After the end of World War II the male population went back to work and qualified specialists were in demand, especially in industrial sphere.
Notwithstanding the fact that this method appeared in Russia only in 90th ( 20th century ), it quickly involved the market of companies. Nowadays Еxecutive search, due to the 100% effectiveness, turned from an exclusive method into a standard service.
The technology Executive search specializes on the search of top managers, such as factory managers, chief accountants. This determines the dearness of the service. It`s of the utmost importance to mention, that this method is absolutely different from the classical search. This is the process in which 3 or 5 people, who are trying to archive the single aim, are involved. This method is almost the only one in searching top managers, because such specialists don`t place their CVs in public sources of information.

That`s why Executive search is the project activity, which is consisted of several stages:

Preparatory activities aim at finding out whether the customer understands the goals of this search, how to motivate the candidate to move to their company.
The main stage of Executive search- Direct search.
The last stage is the art of specialist`s motivation.

Let`s consider the algorithm of Executive search in details:

Preliminary consultations are arranged with the customer for the purpose of finding out whether the customer understands the goals of this search and how to motivate the candidate to move to their company.
Then an efficient recruiter estimates the Client`s company, the scope of activity, defines advantages and disadvantages of its work and gives profile of the potential manager, who will be able to cancel out all the minuses and whose activities will lead to success of the company . During the negotiation with the client the recruiter innumerate job responsibilities of the specialist. Then he monitors the business area of the Client`s company and singles out the most successful companies from the business rivals list.
After that the team of Executive search specialists collects information about each candidate, finds out more details about the past, his career and achievements. The recruiter`s responsibilities are also included the capturing of recommendations: references from the previous place of work, colleagues , inferiors and superiors. Then it is invented the story with the help of which it will be possible to contact the specialist directly and find out all useful information. The next step is to clear up whether this information is correlated with the Client`s requirements.
Executive search - the search of oners. This fact influences on the duration of the process: as a rule, the minimum period of time of the search is 2-3 months. The main difficulty is absolute confidentiality of information, because it is of the utmost importance not to mention the name of the Customer. All these determine the high cost of service.
According to the fact that Executive Search appeared in Russia not long ago, this technology is not so developed as in Europe. As a rule, foreign Executive Search consultants have special education, huge work experience, which helps them to identify the Client`s problems and decide how to overcome these difficulties. There is quite few Executive search specialists in Russia, but more and more workers try to enhance professional expertise alongside with the market development. The elaboration of Executive search depends on the young ambitious specialists, who get relevant education, undergo training in Russia and abroad to adopt foreign counterparts` practices.
In the perspective the demand for Executive search service in Russia will be increasing. First of all, high qualified, efficient specialists are in demand. They have not only professional training, but practical experience in management. This service will be popular among the companies which have won solid positions on the market and lean for the consolidation of its positions. Executive search will be the main technology which helps to increase the efficiency of business.