Pecularities of Russian HR-management

European people say that the main disadvantage of Russian people is that they put all their soul into business instead of investing money in it. Complete chaos seems to reign in Russian market : spontaneity prevails over the prudence, emotions are way ahead the sense.
It has an impact on the phenomenon, especially those, which were investigated abroad and are in the process of development in Russia.
Human resources was taken as a business long ago. But we cannot say it about Russia, where the notion "human" prevails over the other notions. This thought is expressed by the specialists in this shere: HR Director of IT Company Maxim Starostny, the author and trainer of individual HR-programs for middle and top managers Alina Mirra and the officer of the HR-Service at the Institute of International Law - Olga Minarskaya.
Here we speak about special Russian HR, where theory does not coincide with the practice.

The story about a kind king
Theory. Here are enumerated the main responsibilities of HR-manager:
• recruitment and hiring of new personnel
• monitoring of the tendency and changes in business
• negotiation with recruiters
• organization of the trainings
• corporative parties
• motivation, adaptation and building of the team
In reality, HR-manager is a personal psychologist. It is the person who can give a helping hand, a good piece of advice, but sometimes it can make decision which can never be approved by the director. For example, he can send to business trip not the person, who was appointed to it according to the schedule, but the specialist for whom it is more profitable.

Severe personality
In theory HR manager always must be in good mood, benevolent, friendly and an excellent psychologist.
In reality Russian HR managers do not think so. In our companies HR-specialists are overloaded and do not have time for such senseless things. Реальность. Sometimes it can even spoil the relations between the personnel. So, severe HR-manager is the sigh of the seriousness of the company.

Specialists, who have not got the degree
Theory. In the West personnel management is a special science. Future HR-managers are educated at professional colleges, where they study not only psychology but economic and management disciplines. After graduation HR-manager becomes the partner of the manager of the company and can influence on business processes of the company.
Unfortunately, in reality, such HR-managers, who acquired business knowledge level, work only in large companies. In Russia HR-specialists are not enough qualified and are inferior to European specialists in economic, financial and legal education. The majority of HR-managers gain experience and acquire new skills only at work. So, they lack of knowledge and experience and the manager of the company does not identify them as the partner of his level

Theoretically HR-manager is responsible for the assessment of the effectiveness of the potential staff redeployment according to the business plans of the company.
In reality, as a rule, Russian business is quite unpredictable and quick as lightning. If anything happens, there is no time for long-term projects. HR-manager tries to form the personnel database and take any training on the following week at the same time.

In theory HR-manager must be always ready quickly react to the situation and find adequate solution of the problem, even if it seems to be impossible and nobody can overcome this difficulty.
In reality we can give the same characteristics to Russian HR-managers. To be more exact, the distinguished features of HR-specialists are: readiness for risks and new experiments, creativity. Notwithstanding the fact, that we lack special schools for HR-managers, our specialists are ready to overcome difficulties with the help of their flexibility and intellect.

The system «perhaps»
In theory it is of the utmost importance for HR-specialist to know how to predict the changes in HR-management and in business processes for the purpose of being ready to make right decision.
In reality it often happens quite suddenly and HR-manager does not have any other variant but to discharge somebody or to find personnel for new department in a hurry. It is Russian mentality to think that perhaps nothing will happen.

Centrifugal force
Theoretically HR-management must be developed in all branches of the company, as it happens in the headquarter.
In reality the situation leaves much to be desired. It is quite impossible due to the isolation of the regions from the capital. Regional recruitment agencies, training and consulting organizations are striving to move to Moscow. HR-managers in the regions lose their last hope to get any help or a piece of advice.