Executive Search


The majority of companies in the process of development sooner or later meet necessity to involve in work new effective managers.  The question is becoming more acute during expansion of company or on stage of merging and takeover of other business.

In our Agency Executive Search represents a complex service, which includes some stages:

1. Preliminary consultations and problem definition.

Personal consultant in Executive Search carries out preliminary negotiations with Customer, purposing to formulate requirements to Vacancy, to define a position and requirements to candidate. Consultant prepares recommendations, which include general information about market situation in the sector and in competing companies. Then describes "ideal" candidate from the Customer`s point of view and compares this profile with recommendations. Separately they make offers about level and form of fee. This stage of work is concluded by written agreement about work execution and cost. The agreement also includes position description , requirements to candidate and search strategies.

2. Market research .

Consultant implements detailed market research. Zone of interests of research group includes the most successful companies in the sector and companies competing with the Client. They assess the person`s progress in the project realisation. Result of this stage is the report which includes description of market situation, advantages and weak points of Customer Company, and comparison with competitors and leaders of this or that sector. This report includes big fund of marketing information about the sector, which is often used by different departments of the company.

3. Preliminary selection of candidates.

After market research consultants make a Long List of candidates, who are potentially interesting and can satisfy the Customer`s requirements. Consultant writes his commentaries and arguments next to each name. The List with commentaries is given to the Customer and he chooses the most interesting candidates.

4. Rating of candidates.

Consultant starts work with candidates, who were chosen by Customer from Long List. He gathers maximum information about each of them. The most interesting candidates form the Short List - a list of candidates with detailed information about work experience, qualification, wage level, personal traits of character, possible ways of motivation to change place of work etc. Consultant meets with each candidate and carries out preliminary interview. Each candidate gets a mark. This stage finishes by the Short List, from which the Customer chooses the best candidates. Later the consultant makes detailed résumé of each candidate with detailed commentaries.

5. Selection of candidate.

On this stage the consultant gathers and prepares recommendations for final candidate. The result is comparative analysis of candidates and discussion the final candidate with Customer.

6. Preparing and conclusion of a contract with the Candidate.

After achievement of principle agreement between the Candidate and the Customer, the next goal of the consultant is to consult the Customer in contract preparing and its presentation to the final Candidate. This stage should be finished with conclusion of contract between the candidate and the Customer.

7. Adaptation and integration of new Employee.

The final stage is procedure to help employed manager to adapt in new company. The consultant continues to communicate with the Employee and the Customer during the whole evaluation period (from 3 till 6 months). The consultant discusses the problems, which arises during working process.

Accomplishing of Executive Search may continues for a long time - from 6 till 18 months.

Cost of service is from 33% of annual income before tax withholding.

Payment is made in 3 stages:

1)  33% - in the moment of signing the service contract,

2)  33% - in the moment of giving 5 candidates for interview with the Customer,

3) 34% - after the employment of the Candidate.