Assessment center

We offer  assessment service, which is organized according to European standard and based on the last investigations in this area.

The project director has unique education - Moscow State University of Lomonosov, specialty "Business psychology and organizational consultancy" (Moscow). Moscow State University of Lomonosov is the only university in Russia, which gives a complete academic education in this area today.
The experience of our director confirms the status of European standard by the fact that he was carrying out assessment in major European companies:

Assessment for sales department:
"Messe Frankfurt Rus" - is a Russian unit of one of the first-rates world exhibition companies "Messe Frankfurt". "Messe Frankfurt Rus" is a Russian juridical entity and member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (39A, Leningradskiy Avenu, Moscow).

SMT GERAETEHANDEL GMBH: labware, hardware - production and sale (16, 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 3th building "Business center of neurosurgery", Moscow, 125047).
Assessment for Logistics department, for IT department, for engineering department
Linde (Carrier)
The Concern "Linde" is a part of American company "Carrier" - leading producer of equipment for air conditioning. "Linde" supplies equipment practically to all major international distribution networks, such as "Metro", "Auchan", "Aldi", "Rewe", "Wal-Mart" etc. (5, Lyishikov Alley, Moscow)
Assessment for commercial department (bookkeepers)
(113/1 Leninskiy Avenu, Moscow)

Assessment system includes:
• analysis of organizational structure (both all company and sales department );
• elaboration of demands and evaluation indicators together with manager;
• integrated assessment and analysis of results;
• training course summary of formed standards for successful finalists.
The aforesaid means, that the most difficult in assessment is the working out stanards of rating. In the absence of well-defined standards you can approximately assess fulfillment of functions by concrete employee. Moreover, it's possible that the result will be superficial and subjective.

The assessment isn't just an elaboration of an attestation statute, brining the managers together and inviting employees for interview. The Assessment is the work, which includes manager`s coaching and organizational consultancy.